Atento Venezuela is the leading company in the provision of customer relations management services rendered through contact centers or multichannel platforms (telephone, fax, e-mail…). In 2003, Atento handled 19 millions contacts with clients.

Atento Venezuela commenced its operations in December of 2000 with 250 agents, a number which increased until 400 in just one year. The first client of Atento Venezuela was the Compañía Telefónica de Venezuela (CANTV), which engaged Customer Service and Telemarketing. Currently, to render its services, it has a contact center with 600 operator positions and employs more than 800 highly skilled and specialized professionals to bring its clients the highest quality service. Atento Venezuela’s objective is to offer its clients more quality by means of specialization, and thus continue its growth in the Venezuelan market. A lot of its focus for this will be on opportunities in the banking, telecommunications and technology industries.

Last year, Atento Venezuela also reinforced its range of services, with excellent results in telesales. The company also achieved an important increase in automating its services, handling more than 7 million calls during the year, which equals 40 % of the total number of calls handled.

In an increasingly competitive environment, brand names, products and services are becoming less and less differentiated in the consumer's minds. That's why the most successful companies focus their management efforts on discovering just what their clients demand.

To help you understand your clients' needs, improve your relations with them, earn their loyalty and capture new markets, Grupo Atento makes a wide range of solutions and services available to assist you.

So that communication with your clients will have no limits and you can reduce your investments to a minimum, Grupo Atento offers all its services through an extensive international network of contact centres or multichannel platforms (telephone, fax , Internet, e-mail...) for limitless business-customer communications.

So that you do not have to hire specialized personnel to assist your clients, Grupo Atento will work for you like a strategic partner, designing customised services to meet each company's needs and providing highly qualified staff to render these services.

So that you may become more efficient and specialized in your Customer Relationship Management, Grupo Atento uses only state-of-the-art technologies which enable it to manage these activities in a more efficient and specialised manner. It is committed to high quality service and to guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of the information processed.

Adapting to Specific Needs

The numerous service possibilities offered by Grupo Atento to companies enables them to custom design their operations with Grupo Atento's assistance.

In addition, the geographic coverage offered by Grupo Atento makes it the ideal company for enterprises with interests in different Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Knowing its Clients

Grupo Atento knows the customers of the companies that subcontract its services.

That's why Grupo Atento is the ideal choice to help companies with their relational marketing actions and loyalty-building programs, while protecting the confidentiality between companies at all times.

At the same time, Grupo Atento can help its clients "listen" to their customers, correct their mistakes and understand their real needs, etc.

Best hotels in Rome

City break is the best way to unwind and relax in a time when worries and work stress seem to be overwhelming. Whether you have the possibility to travel for one day or for several days, your journey to Rome will certainly offer you a great adventure, especially if you travel alongside an attractive model from Escorts. Here are the best hotels in Rome where you should stay if you travel to this impressive city.

Ideally located hotels for an unforgettable experience

Hotel Raphael represents an excellent choice if you want to be pampered in a luxurious ambiance. Although it has a long history, Hotel Raphael was recently renovated so it currently is a modern, stylish and impressive boutique hotel that offers impeccable Relais & Chateaux experience. Rooms are spotlessly clean, staff is warm and friendly and roof terrace will give you a breathtaking view over the city. You can select between rooms designed with wood and dark leather and more traditional rooms, but they all offer splendid views of city and Piazza Navona.

Artemide Hotel is the perfect place if you want to stay in a fabulous hotel with five-star service. The large rooms are modern, with good lighting and high-quality fitments. Because it has a great location, the tourist attractions are very accessible and you do not require taking the bus or car in order to visit the best things Rome has to offer. One or several days in Artemide Hotel will be filled with delicious moments, especially if you arrive here with a gorgeous companion.

In case you spend the night in Rome, Barocco Hotel is one of the best accommodations you could pick. Located in the vicinity of Piazza Barberini and metro station Barberini, Barocco Hotel will spoil you and provide you anything you could possibly need. The large rooms are luxurious and modern, ensuring you a restful sleep and irreproachable accommodation. But if you want to serve a delicious wine, Barolo Bar is the nice and cozy corner where you will unwind with your companion found on Escorts after a busy day visiting the Italian attractions.

Placed in the renowned neighbourhood Trastevere, Hotel Santa Maria will give you a hint of how locals live each day. As an oasis of calm and relaxation nearby a delightful labyrinth of narrow streets, this hotel will offer you all the services you require from a modern accommodation. The spacious and comfortable rooms are connected by a monastic portico and face onto a spectacular garden of orange trees. This is the perfect hidden place for a romantic getaway if you travel to Rome with your companion and it certainly is one of the best hotels in Rome.

Regardless if you travel to the capital of Italy for business or for pleasure, these are amongst the best accommodations in Rome. Ideally placed nearby the tourist attractions, these hotels will bring at your disposal anything you might desire. Discover the secrets of Rome nearby your gorgeous companion from London Escort Guide and make sure that you will enjoy your stay in the eternal city!

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